Our Services

Turnkey Solution Provider

serv-6 Celmore has joined hands with the major equipment vendors to provide end to end solution. This includes supply and commissioning of network equipment, applications and transmission media. Enterprises entering the new age of communication can get immense benefit from this offering of Celmore.

Network Design and Optimization

serv-3 Bandwidth hungry applications and services are the revenue drivers for telecom operators. Celmore helps its customers in increasing the network capacity by maximizing the utilization of installed infrastructure instead of incurring expenses on network upgrade by optimizing the transmission and core network in an integrated fashion. The optimization is done on a replica (simulated model) of the target network which reduces the network down time and the conflicts associated with network configuration.

Fiber Characterization

serv-5 With network planners packing more and more wavelengths in a single fiber while taking the speed of a channel to 100 Gbps, its of paramount importance to understand the implications of the offered fiber. Celmore team has the necessary equipment and the expertise to carry out the fiber characterization of the installed cable plant.

OSP and Civil Work

serv-8 Optical Fiber Cable is extremely sensitive to environmental and mechanical stresses. Celmore, being a cable manufacturer has in-depth understanding of the factors that affect the performance and other external factors involved in the laying of Optical Fiber Cable.
Celmore has complete in-house tools and human resource to undertake cable laying, jointing/testing, tower erection, equipment room construction etc.

Swap Services

serv-2 Celmore swap services include setting up new sites that includes supply/erection of tower and equipment room construction followed by dismantling, packaging and transportation of equipment.

Energy Efficiency

serv-7 Energy efficiency is the most important ‘Fuel’ of the world now. The importance of energy efficiency is evident from the investments and the efforts being made globally. The potential of energy saving is immense in the emerging markets. Celmore helps its customers in achieving energy efficiency through implementation of energy management system (EnMS) in light of ISO 5001 and energy audits. Like quality assurance, energy efficiency is a continuous process, therefore, Celmore Follows the PDCA cycle for bringing efficiency in the use of energy.

IT Solutions

serv-1 Celmore has in-house software development team besides having partnerships with other software houses. Celmore provides solutions for securities & surveillance, value added services to telecom operators, e-commerce solutions and many more.